Vitiligo Treatment with Ultraviolet

Vitiligo is depigmentation of individual areas of the skin caused by a lack of melanin that is responsible for the normal color of the skin. The illness may appear at any age, but it is more likely to develop up to 20 years and women are more subject to it than men. Vitiligo has non inflectional nature, therefore it is not contagious. It is considered to be a cosmetic defect that can significantly reduce the quality of life of a patient and complicates contacts with other people. Vitiligo can be a psychological trauma especially for women. The situation is so serious that when it is said about the treatment of vitiligo, price does not matter! The same thing is about the treatment of vitiligo in children.

There were cases of vitiligo in ancient Egypt. It was classified as a separate disease in 1842 when two scientists proved its difference from leprosy. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are 30 million people with vitiligo around the world.

Official causes of the disease have not yet been found out, but modern doctors are inclined to believe that the main reason for vitiligo is stress. Thyroid diseases, disorders of the immune and nervous system, chronic inflammatory diseases, poisoning, sunburn are also considered to be the reasons of causes of vitiligo.

How to Treat the Skin Disease Vitiligo?

To date, there is no precise and unambiguous method of vitiligo treatment. Doctors suggest a systemic therapy including healthy diet, vitamin therapy, intake of immune response-modulating agents and treatment of concomitant diseases. Healthy lifestyle, balanced mode of work and rest, strengthening of the nervous system become extremely important. Such therapy has a general effect on the body, but does not give a quick cosmetic effect expected by patients.

The most productive is phototherapy in terms of positive dynamics of smoothing external defects (reduction and disappearance of white spots on the skin). PUVA-therapy had been popular with medics for a long time; that was the use of ultraviolet rays of long wavelength A. The procedure showed excellent results, and despite the side effects, many people dreamt of buying a lamp for the treatment of vitiligo.

Science goes forward and PUVA therapy has been replaced with excimer laser and irradiation with narrow-spectrum ultraviolet light of wavelength B. both methods are effective, but when choosing you should understand how much you are going to pay for the treatment of vitiligo with phototherapy. The thing is in the range of radiation and the rate of exposure of the organism. Since the laser has a wavelength of 308 nm, while the UV lamp has a range of 311 nm – the most sought after by the human body. In this case, the necessary dose of laser radiation is applied for a second, and a session treatment of vitiligo with UV lamp 311 at the same dose lasts for up to 5 minutes.

As a result, there are observed side effects of laser therapy more frequently. The most popular are nausea and burns. They are often the reason of treatment ceasing and even abandoning.

Treatment of Vitiligo with UV lamp 311

The following factors are the advantages of narrow-spectrum light UV therapy:

  • Use of the ultraviolet spectrum which has the highest biological effect on the body affecting the immune system, improving metabolism, promoting the production of vitamin D, etc.;
  • There is no need to take photosensitizers destroying vital organs kidneys and liver;
  • Burns and scarring are excluded; the therapy doesn’t provoke the development of cancer cells.

In addition, the industry began producing lamps that enable the treatment of vitiligo domiciliary. It is very convenient for patients suffering from this disease.

You can buy a lamp for the treatment of vitiligo with a range of radiation UVB 311 nm in our store. You will quickly learn how to treat the skin disease vitiligo quickly, comfortably, efficiently and economically.

UVB Lamps for Vitiligo:

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