How to Treat Skin Disease Psoriasis?

Many people are looking for an answer to this question, because up to 4% of the world population is exposed to this illness according to the statistics. The data show that the spread of the disease is increasing. So, one should pay attention to the causes and manifestation of symptoms of psoriasis in order to determine the illness timely.

Causes of Psoriasis

To date, medicine cannot name the exact causes of the disease. However, it can be clearly stated that psoriasis is of genetic nature. Thus, the probability of having a child with illness in a family where one parent is sick in psoriasis is 25%, in case of illness of both parents this figure raises to 60%. Factors influencing the development of psoriasis include also immunological changes, neurological, metabolic and endocrine disorders. Therefore, the best way to treat psoriasis domiciliary is its prevention: a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, timely treatment of concomitant diseases.

Psoriasis: Symptoms and Treatment

The main symptom is the appearance of the so-called psoriatic plaques – the skin area damaged with inflammation with increased formation of lymphocytes, keratinocytes and macrophages along with new small capillaries. Due to this, skin thickens in the site of the lesion and rises above the surface of the healthy, changes its color turning into pale gray or silverfish spot abundantly covered with scales. There are distinguished several types of psoriasis according to the localization of spots – facial psoriasis, nail psoriasis, psoriasis of the scalp, limbs and feet, etc. treatment of psoriasis is carried out with the help of most effective methods in each peculiar case.

Psoriatic lesions are accompanied by severe itching, which aggravates in the evening and at night causing sleep disturbances accompanied by fatigue and irritability of a patient. In addition, transferred emotional stress one of the “trigger” factors of the disease and the run of the disease is often accompanied by depression. Taking all this into account, neurotic psoriasis requires treatment and, above all, reducing of the psycho-emotional state of a patient and the normal functioning of the nervous system as a whole.

At the initial stage, psoriasis treatment is carried out by external means, gently caring for the skin, soothing the affected areas, and inhibiting the formation and maturation of skin cells – moisturizing creams and lotions, gels and ointments containing special substances, physiotherapy ultraviolet irradiation. In the case of a complicated course of the disease there can be used cryotherapy (short-term effects on the skin cold), plasma depletion (blood purification) and phototherapy – psoriasis treatment with ultraviolet light.

Treatment of psoriasis with UV lamp has no age restrictions; it is well tolerated both by adults and children and has a minimum of contraindications. UV rays fortify the immune system and have a general antibacterial effect on the affected lesions, as well as block the pathological processes in the skin destroying the T-lymphocytes. The effectiveness of phototherapy indicated by 80% of the first procedure, and remission can take from six months to several years. One can undergo this procedure in a hospital or a district hospital. It is also possible to carry out the treatment of psoriasis domiciliary if you have a special device for the treatment of the disease. Such devices and lamps are represented in the range of our online store; they are in high demand and have a lot of positive feedback.

The demand for UV lamps for psoriasis is due to the following reasons:

  • UV therapy is highly effective even from the first procedure;
  • UV rays provide for an effective non-hormonal treatment of psoriasis;
  • UV therapy has a minimum of contraindications, does not cause side effects, even can be used for the treatment of psoriasis in children of 3 years of age;
  • If you have this device at home device, treatment can be carried out with maximum comfort and convenience.

Psoriasis is a disease that can drastically reduce the quality of life of a patient. One can prevent this with the use of UV lamps that can be bought in our store.

UVB Lamps for Psoriasis:

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