Symptoms and Treatment of Neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is a chronic skin disease of neuro-allergic nature, that is a reaction of the body as a response to the pervasion of allergenic substances, which may be caused by cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, food and animal or plant components (wool, feathers, pollen, etc.). On the one hand, the cause of the disease may be inherited, on the other, stress, physical overload, drugs surplus in the body, acute poisoning, infectious diseases, and disorders of the endocrine, digestive and nervous systems. Children are especially susceptible to neurodermatitis because their young organisms may fail to adapt to external stimuli. By reaching the awkward age the cases of relapse reduce significantly, and virtually disappear by adulthood. The main symptom of neurodermatitis is a plaque of small papules with a scaly surface, the appearance of which is accompanied by severe itching that worsens in the evening and at night. Plaques are localized in certain places – in the neck, knee and elbow creases, in the area of the external genitalia and the anus (limited neurodermatitis), or they can cover all skin (common or atopic dermatitis). The infected places, which are scratched, are covered with scrapes and crusts with traces of blood. As a result of this, there may appear skin rashes, comes sleep disturbance, and patients begin to feel weaker and lose appetite.

How to Treat Neurodermatitis

Considering that the disease has a neuro-allergic nature, for its treatment is necessary:

  • to eliminate or significantly reduce the psycho-emotional stress;
  • to identify the substance-allergen, whose presence in the body is caused the pathogenic reaction;
  • to try an integrated approach.

The integrated approach of treatment of neurodermatitis implies:

  • the improvement of the overall condition of the body by following work and rest hours;
  • the normalization of the metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract through light diet with the exception of alcohol, sweet, spicy and salty;
  • the enhance of immunity and recuperation with the help of restorative therapy and co-morbidities;
  • the reducing of the itching and plaques by the use of external funds with exfoliating and absorbing effects.

Physical therapy is of great importance when curing neurodermatitis – treatment of neurodermatitis with UV lamp. Positive effects of ultraviolet light as the treatment of skin diseases had been noticed in the 50th of the last century, when first massive sessions of ultraviolet radiation took place. After these sessions, patients began to feel the increase of body tone, felt strength, and the overall morbidity rates began to reduce. Most of us do not suspect that UV treatment runs naturally. Every summer we receive this cure from the sunlight. This is due to the peculiarities of ultraviolet spectrum of radiation on living tissue.

Neurodermatitis: Treatment with Ultraviolet Light – Guaranteed Results!

Today, regardless of the season, patients can use a UV lamp for the treatment of neurodermatitis. Health effect of ultraviolet rays and the correctly chosen time to cure the lesions, in combination with immune-forming therapy give fast results. Particularly important is the treatment of neurodermatitis on the face. When the alterations of aesthetic appearance happen, people may experience serious troubles, which can create problems in their personal and professional lives.

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