UV-rays in the treatment of dermatitis

Before talking about the treatment of dermatitis ultraviolet light, let’s clarify the nature and symptoms of the disease. Dermatitis is called an inflammatory reaction of the skin to a variety of stimuli. Dermatitis may occur from the use of improper cosmetics and from receiving the liquid or food of any substance. Often has a local character, and passes when the contact with an irritant ceased. The varieties of the disease, characterized by chronic inflammatory skin lesions of allergic nature, include:

  • atopic dermatitis (a reaction to certain substances, the most common type);
  • seborrheic (involves a violation of the sebaceous glands);
  • perioral (around the mouth symptoms manifest).

The symptoms of dermatitis may occur in places of direct contact with the stimulus, as well as in any other: congestive swelling, redness, thickening and scaling of the skin, pustules, bubbles that leave the moist erosions, and then the attenuation of inflammation – peels and flakes. For example, if seborrheic dermatitis occurs the symptoms develop on the wings of the nose, in the folds of the ear, in the scalp.

In order to conquer the disease dermatologists advise to use internal medication and topical treatments. For the treatment of dermatitis on the face, legs or head, the most frequent manifestations of the disease symptoms, along with medications taken by mouth, are widely used topical treatments and phototherapy with ultraviolet rays.

Disease affects both adults and children, as their bodies are still adapting to the environment and often experience an allergic reaction from diapers and nappies, food and care products. Many concerned parents are reluctant to apply for the treatment of dermatitis drugs, reasonably fearing negative consequences of their reception. In this sense, the treatment of dermatitis at home by UV lamp is very convenient. Thanks to the UV lamp treatment of dermatitis, the relief of the disease will be quickly achieved and the harmful effects of child chemicals will be minimized. In addition, the opportunity of making the procedure at home reduces the risk of unwanted contact with the baby’s aggressive street environment.

Development of Dermatitis is Carried out in Three Stages

  • acute stage is accompanied by the appearance of bubbles of different size, which are filled with liquid;
  • the second period occurs in the absence of timely treatment; at this stage, the bubbles burst, and there comes a thick crust and flakes of peeling skin;
  • the third stage is chronic, and it causes the thickening of the skin of the affected area, with a redness of the skin.

The Mechanism of UV Treatment against Dermatitis

General principles during the treatment of the disease are:

  • removal of the stimulus;
  • correctional diet;
  • appointment of absorbent products;
  • appointment of antihistamines;
  • skin care with special cosmetics;
  • local use of disinfectants remedies.

The last effect is exactly what UV rays have. They affect the infected cells and have an overall therapeutic immune-formative effect. With the help of UV lamp the treatment of dermatitis is possible in periods of exacerbation, and in times of complete or partial remission for prevention.

The Cure of Dermatitis is Real

Using the units and lamps offered at our store, allows you simply and easily to do at home the following:

  • Treatment of dermatitis on the face (in the area of seborrheic cosmetic triangle – the forehead, sides of the nose, chin, perioral);
  • Treatment of dermatitis on the legs (allergic contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, varicose and nummular eczema, lichen planus, psoriasis, and erysipelas);
  • Treatment of dermatitis on head. Despite the fact that the rash and plaque are hidden by pelage, the treatment is possible due to a special nozzle in the form of a comb with the light-guiding teeth that runs on the hairy part of the scalp. Scientific studies show that UVR treatment of dermatitis on the head led to a cure of 71% of patients, to a significant improvement of 17%, and improvement of 12%.

If you are diagnosed with dermatitis, do not worry, the cure is real! Use the tools and ultraviolet light.

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