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Millions of people over the world have skin diseases such as Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

These skin problems affect the lives of hundreds of people each year. 

Nevertheless, there is some good news to know, these skin disorders can be cured. 

Phototherapy is  an effective and proven method of treatment for some of the most

common skin diseases like Psoriasis. Philips Phototherapy lamps have been developed

and were tested by universities and clinics around the world.

Efficiency of Phototherapy is Clinically Proven for Treating the Following Diseases

The first results begin showing

in 2 weeks!

The Main Advantages of Our Lamps

Approved by the FDA.
A doctor’s prescription is not required.
In two weeks, there is a 90% positive result.
No health restrictions. Can be used in age groups >3 years.
Easy to use. Optimal for use at home.
The long-term lamp service life. 1 year guarantee.

How Does Work?

It is clinically proven that 311nm waves suppress the t-lymphocytes production, which impact the immune system without getting deep under skin.

The suppression of activity of immune cells of the skin slows the chaotic cell division down in the epidermis and generates ulcers and plaques.

The normalized skin division process enhances the skin aging and the natural exfoliating of skin, which allows the removal of dead skin cells.

Due to the natural exfoliation eliminating skin inflammation

Inhibition of production of T-lymphocytes leads to prolonged remission (a period of significant  attenuation of chronic disease)

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